and we hold tight together

JaneGotch-Repertory-together (1)

Performed at The Folly Theater as part of A Modern Night at the Folly February 2010

“Cellist Justin Cowart accompanied “and we hold tight together,” a trio by Jane Gotch. Gotch intuitively created a piece with nuance and subtle changes in energy. It hypnotized us with dynamic yet simple relationships between the dancers and a powerful cellist.”
Review by David Ollington, February 12, 2010

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The Four Seasons

JaneGotch-4Seasons (2)
JaneGotch-4Seasons (3)
JaneGotch-4Seasons (4)
JaneGotch-4Seasons (1)

A site-specific performance installation as part of The Cumulus Project at Charlotte Street Foundation’s, Paragraph Gallery

Kansas City, MO, January 2010
Performer: Jane Gotch
Sound and Light: Timothy Amundson
Costumes: Erica Mahinay

Still Within

JaneGotch-Repertory-within (1)
JaneGotch-Repertory-within (2)
JaneGotch-Repertory-within (3)
JaneGotch-Repertory-within (4)

Premiered at “Jutting & Swerving”, at Charlotte Street Foundation's
La Esquina Kansas City, MO, May 2009

Performed at The Lawrence Art Center, Adjudicated Choreographer's Showcase Lawrence, KS, November 2009

Dancers: Tuesday Faust, Jane Gotch, Mary Marshall, Kaely Tieri
Costumes: Jane Gotch, Elizabeth Gotch, Tasha Rose-Murphy, Mary Fran Moyaln
Music: Four Tet, The Clogs, Zoe Keating
Lighting Design: Mica Thomas
The creation of “Still Within” was funded in part by an Inspiration Grant from The Arts Council of Metropolitan Kansas City.

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