Fugue State, April 12th, 2013

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Friday April 12, 2013

The Roost Gallery, 1100 Santa Fe, KCMO 64101

Jane Gotch performs in collaboration and response to an installation of photography, projection, and sound by Timothy Amundson

The term fugue state is defined as a dissociative amnesia, especially one that involves unplanned wandering. Timothy Amundson expresses that “nothing is actually constant, nothing has been created.” His work is a variant from the representational nature of photography and explores heightened experience, where the unknown is corroborated with references to the everyday. The photographs are immersive and utilize light in ways that question traditional norms of photography. Through this approach there is as much a sense of levity as there is meditational weight. In collaboration with dancer Jane Gotch the more cerebral elements of the images can be explored through the body.

For more information: theroostgallery.com or timothyamundson.com


Performance at Plug Projects Friday 9.21.12

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Photo credit: Laura Isaac and Carrie Scanga

“Breathe: The Emergent Colony”

Jane Gotch creates a solo performance with composer Simon Fink set in Carrie Scanga’s installation

at Plug Projects, 1613 Genessee Street, KCMO 64102

Performance is free, kid friendly, and begins around 8pm.

Read the press release

Listen to the KCUR interview


AN INSIDE JOB Friday, May 18th, 2012 6:30-8pm, FREE!

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photo 1
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Photography by Laura Graham Isaac

A new performance installation as part of THE FRONTIER

A 15th anniversary celebration of The Charlotte Street Foundation

At PARAGRAPH GALLERY, 23 East 12th Street, KCMO 64105, Friday, May 18th, 6:30-8pm

In collaboration with Abbe FindleyKatie Ford, Laura Frank, Laura Graham Isaac, and Tiffany Sisemore.

Through video, visual constructions, and live movement, the team investigates the human action of sensing. Seeker, Bystander, Sensor and Avoider, a pattern is edge of you interacting with the space.

Our creative process will put to practice the research of professor and occupational therapist, Dr. Winnie Dunn — shaping a performance that utilizes each participants (artist and viewer’s) referential world.

For more information visit thefrontierkc.wordpress.com or www.charlottestreet.org



WE TALK - 03
WE TALK - 33
WE TALK - 26

An integrated art performance installation

Directed and produced by Jane Gotch and Mark Southerland

Premiered March 24th–April 3rd, 2011 at Town Pavilion, Kansas City, MO

Performed in collaboration with Brie Blakeman, Brad Cox, Kalen Compernolle, Jason Dixon, Shay Estes, Tuesday Faust, Abbe Findley, Laura Frank, Helen Gillet, Shawn Hansen, Hadley Johnson, Ke-Sook Lee, Chad Meise, Miles Neidinger, Paul Rudy, Matt Tady, and MIca Thomas.

Watch WE! Film by Jane Gotch and Reid Bangert

WE! is a collaborative, installation dance performance staged in an abandoned downtown office space formerly occupied by AT&T. WE! takes the “idea of audience” out of their seats and into the lights — stripping away the safety net of the proscenium theater and sandwiching dancer, art, and viewer into close proximity.

The performance will move the audience, in small groups, through a multi-room visual environment created by an award-winning team of Kansas City’s leading dance, visual, lighting and sound designers.  Audience size will be limited, to create an intimate scale. The performers’ breath, sweat, body heat, direct eye contact and even touch will be palpable.  From breeching walls and new office trails, to tiny tableaus and remote viewings, this collaborative team reorganizes the materials and inhabitants of the office space.  WE! will disrupt and remap the relationship between audience and performer.

Creation of this project has been made possible through a Rocket Grant from The Andy Warhol Foundation in cooperation with The Charlotte Street Foundation and The Spencer Museum of Art; by an Inspiration Grant from The Metropolitan Arts Council of Greater Kansas City; and through a space grant from Copaken & Brooks Real Estate.


JaneGotch-SeeSaw (1)
JaneGotch-SeeSaw (2)
JaneGotch-SeeSaw (9)
JaneGotch-SeeSaw (3)
JaneGotch-SeeSaw (12)
JaneGotch-SeeSaw (4)
JaneGotch-SeeSaw (5)
JaneGotch-SeeSaw (6)
JaneGotch-SeeSaw (7)
JaneGotch-SeeSaw (8)
JaneGotch-SeeSaw (10)
JaneGotch-CP-SEESAW (16)R1
JaneGotch-SeeSaw (11)

Premiered October 22nd-25th, 2010 at La Esquina. Sponsored by The Charlotte Street Foundation

An installation-based performance (or a performance-based installation) created by Mark Southerland, and Jane Gotch. Created and performed in collaboration with Shay Estes, Tuesday Faust, Shawn Hansen, Peregrine Honig, Mike Stover, Matt Tady, Bill Wenzel, and Neal Wilson.

Through movement, sound, and installation, SEE SAW will examine the moments when the body meets the mind—self realization, personal epiphanies, and modern coming-of-age stories. Told using an array of tools —often elaborate and abstract; other-times pointedly simple and straight forward—this tale involves a large seesaw and a “trophy playground,” from which music and movement will evolve. Situated in-the-round, the audience itself will become part of the installation and actively engaged in the event.
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and we hold tight together

JaneGotch-Repertory-together (1)

Performed at The Folly Theater as part of A Modern Night at the Folly February 2010

“Cellist Justin Cowart accompanied “and we hold tight together,” a trio by Jane Gotch. Gotch intuitively created a piece with nuance and subtle changes in energy. It hypnotized us with dynamic yet simple relationships between the dancers and a powerful cellist.”
Review by David Ollington, www.kcactive.com February 12, 2010

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The Four Seasons

JaneGotch-4Seasons (2)
JaneGotch-4Seasons (3)
JaneGotch-4Seasons (4)
JaneGotch-4Seasons (1)

A site-specific performance installation as part of The Cumulus Project at Charlotte Street Foundation’s, Paragraph Gallery

Kansas City, MO, January 2010
Performer: Jane Gotch
Sound and Light: Timothy Amundson
Costumes: Erica Mahinay

Still Within

JaneGotch-Repertory-within (1)
JaneGotch-Repertory-within (2)
JaneGotch-Repertory-within (3)
JaneGotch-Repertory-within (4)

Premiered at “Jutting & Swerving”, at Charlotte Street Foundation's
La Esquina Kansas City, MO, May 2009

Performed at The Lawrence Art Center, Adjudicated Choreographer's Showcase Lawrence, KS, November 2009

Dancers: Tuesday Faust, Jane Gotch, Mary Marshall, Kaely Tieri
Costumes: Jane Gotch, Elizabeth Gotch, Tasha Rose-Murphy, Mary Fran Moyaln
Music: Four Tet, The Clogs, Zoe Keating
Lighting Design: Mica Thomas
The creation of “Still Within” was funded in part by an Inspiration Grant from The Arts Council of Metropolitan Kansas City.

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